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2022 Region 2 Youth Board:

Sally Harrington

Vice Director:
Taisiia Osipova

Noelle Yandell

Ashley Richardson

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Judging ribbons

ashley richardson




 Hi my name is Ashley Richardson and I am 15 years old. I am a Sophomore at Newbury Park High School and I live in Newbury Park California. My earliest experience with horses was about 5 years ago when I was entering middle school. I had just started weekly lessons with the Stepping Stones Riding Program and have loved it ever since. I sponsor a horse named Boone through Stepping Stones and also own an Arabian named Remi with my little sister. 

After high school I plan to join the Disney College Program and eventually become an imagineer with Disney. Other than horseback riding I really enjoy spending time with friends and family and pursuing one of my many hobbies such as papermaking, crochet, pottery, and painting. I also enjoy visiting theme parks such as Disneyland. 

horse head and neck

2018reg2 driving horse

2018reg2 hunter aaotr

2018reg2 mare and foal

2018reg2 riding lesson

2020 championship show 3899

2018reg2 futurity maturity winner