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In an effort to encourage the Arabian / Half-Arabian Endurance community to join and participate in the organization which protects and governs the heritage of the horses that they ride, Region 2 of the Arabian Horse Association is presenting the following challenge to the Arabian / Half-Arabian Endurance community.

Join AHA through an AHA Region 2 local club, ride a registered Arabian / Half-Arabian in 4 endurance rides (LD’s included) and receive a Region 2 Endurance Challenge Bronze Level award. Ride in 6 rides and receive a Region 2 Endurance Challenge Silver Level award. Ride in 8 rides and receive a Region 2 Endurance Challenge Gold Level award. Ride in 10 rides and receive a Region 2 Endurance Challenge Platinum Level award.

A Region 2 Endurance Challenge High Mileage award will be awarded to the rider with the highest mileage ridden during the year. The miles track with the rider and riders will receive one award for the season.

Sound easy? That is how it should sound.

This is Region 2’s way of asking for your support in promoting Arabian / Half-Arabian horses as the world’s most lovable and versatile breed. The Arabian / Half-Arabian Endurance community has complained long and hard that AHA does not do anything for them. Well now is your chance to participate! Become an AHA member through your local AHA affiliate club, load up your horse and RIDE!

Official Rules:

1. Horse must be a registered Pure Bred, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian.
2. Rider must be a recognized member of a Region 2 affiliated club prior to June 1 st of the current Challenge year.
3. For a ride to count the competitor must only earn a completion. Placements have no meaning in this challenge.
4. The period of the challenge will coincide with the AERC ride year (December 1 through November 30).
5. High Mileage award miles can come from multiple horses.

Riders are responsible for submitting their ride results, as they are posted on www.AERC.org , using the official Region 2 reporting form available from Marci Cunningham at 661 324-7376, the designated contact person. You can email her at mcunningham@bak.rr.com to request the form.

Click here to view/download Region 2 - Endurance Challenge information in pdf format.

In 2018 the Platinum Award was a choice of a director's chair, jacket, half bale bag, fleece cooler or hay sac; the Silver Award was a fleece vest, long trailer door caddy or large flake feeder bag and the Bronze Award was a short trailer door caddy or stadium blanket.  Each participant was able to choose the color of their award and all were embroidered if feasible. There were no Gold Award recipients in 2018.

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2018reg2 driving horse

2018reg2 hunter aaotr

2018reg2 mare and foal

2018reg2 riding lesson

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2018reg2 futurity maturity winner