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Joyce SchroederOur January 2017 Delegates’ meeting was held in Santa Barbara at Harry’s, with a great response from our delegates with their attendance. I appreciate the effort made by many to drive the distance to be part of the decision-making process which, in turn, makes the Region work.

There was lively discussion about many programs: youth funding and activities, upcoming show reports from those in charge, reports from delegates in attendance at convention, and some of the resolutions that were passed.

One new item that was passed unanimously was the formation of a committee to set guidelines and standards for a Region 2 Youth Scholarship. Those on the committee are: Gordon Walter, Carol Hirons and Katie Fisher - all accepting my request to serve. Thus far, much work has been done with guidelines and input from several regions that provided information to us about their programs and how they work. Gordon and Carol are both educators and Carol has worked on scholarship programs in the past. Katie gladly accepted the request to serve and is instrumental and doing lots of research on scholarships for this committee.

We have donations from the Russell Family Trust and Arroyo Arabians of $1,000 each to establish the scholarships, but much still needs to be worked out as to rules, tax laws by which we have to abide, from where the funding will come (be in donations, horse-show profits, fun classes at the show, etc.), so don’t get too excited until all is final with the committee...then we have to bring it to the board for review, discussion and final approval of the process...stay tuned!

Our next Delegate’s meeting will be held in Bakersfield on July 15th at Hodel’s! But, in the meantime we have several shows to run, plan and volunteer our time - we need your support to make them fun and profitable to ensure that we can go forward with some of the plans for the future of the Region.

Thank you all for supporting our Region!
Joyce Schroeder


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